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Equine America hoof balm

A concentrated blend of natural oils that moisturises and protects the hoof while allowing it to breathe.

£9.99 for 500ml

Red Horse Products Hydrohoof

A honey-based formula that soothes dry, cracked or inelastic hooves and helps to rejuvenate withered, dry frogs.

£10 for 190ml

Silverfeet Natural 

Ideal for everyday use, added silver ions help to prevent the growth of bacteria. It reduces odour, as well as strengthening and conditioning the hoof.

£10.50 for 400ml

Keratex Coconut Oil hoof balm 

A premium blend of coconut oil, beeswax and tea tree oil to protect, condition and care for hooves.

£16 for 400g

Showmaster Laurel Leaf ointment

Made from pure laurel leaf oil, it’s designed to improve the moisture content and elasticity of the hoof.

£10.99 for 250ml

Effol Hoof-Soft

Combines glycerine with witch hazel to offer lasting hoof hydration and restore moisture balance within
the hoof.

£10.99 for 500ml

Leovet Hoof LAB Natural Oil balm
The creamy balm contains Biotin and naturally nourishing oils to help makes hooves stronger and more elastic. Its eco-friendly and is free from petroleum jelly, mineral oil or parabens.
£11.95 for 500ml

NAF Profeet Hoof Moist

Formulated to sustain the moisture content of the hoof and allow natural fluctuation of moisture levels.

£12.50 for 900g

Lincoln Intensive hoof moisturiser

Contains natural keratin amino acids, glycerine and linseed oil to help rebalance hoof moisture for maximum strength and pliability.

£14.50 for 600g

Carr & Day & Martin Cornucrescine daily hoof moisturiser

The advanced, water-based formula includes coconut oil to help penetrate deep into hoof horn.

£15.75 for 500ml

Kevin Bacon’s Original hoof dressing

Breathable, natural and designed to keep hooves in good condition all year round.

£16.25 for 1l

Absorbine Hooflex Original liquid conditioner

Easy to apply and creates a breathable barrier to help maintain correct moisture levels in the hoof.

£18.11 for 450ml

Cavalor hoof conditioner

Contains a combination of essential oils, natural fats and laurel, which penetrates the horn and deeply nourishes the hoof.

£22 for 1l

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