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Robinson Activ Scrub
Maintaining clean skin, and killing bacteria and fungus is essential, and we've rounded up the best products to help you

Robinson Activ Scrub
An antibacterial cleansing wash that’s mild and gentle, ideal for sensitive skin.
RRP £10 for 500ml

Oz Oil
Thick, tea tree-based shampoo designed especially for horses’ legs. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
RRP from £10.36 for 500ml

Nettex Seven Day Mud Away
This spray acts in the same way as a barrier cream, but is easier to apply. It prevents mud sticking to the coat, allowing quick removal by simple brushing.
RRP £5.05 for 250ml

Equilife Solution4 Feet
Contains two natural oils with potent antimicrobial actions and four powerful disinfectants.
RRP £20.41 for 500ml

Horseware Hypocare
A gentle cleansing spray that helps soothe irritated skin. The non-sting formula is safe for sensitive skin.
RRP £7.75 for 250ml

RenaSan First Aid Hypochlorous spray
Non-toxic, pH balanced, non-sting and contains no steroids, alcohol or preservatives, so you can simply spray and leave to dry naturally.
RRP £14.99 for 500ml

Showmaster Mauk-O-Sol powder spray
Designed for localised cleaning and care of sensitive areas that need to be dried out.
RRP £5.99 for 200ml

Keratex Hoof Soak & Wash
This cooling, cleansing wash can be used as a soak or scrub for lower legs.
RRP £21.07 for 1 litre

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