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Felix Buhler Bridle

Your horse’s head is covered in a complex system of nerves, veins, arteries and muscles, with very little soft tissue coverage to protect these sensitive structures. An ill-fitting bridle can cause him discomfort, leading to resistance, unwillingness to bend through the poll and jaw, headshaking and an unsteady contact. Ergonomically designed bridles can help eliminate these pressure points, and range in form and function from classic styles with subtle amendments to tech-savvy modern designs.

TOP TIP: If you compete, double-check that your bridle of choice is legal for use in your discipline’s rulebook. If you’re unsure, contact the maker of the bridle or get in touch with the discipline’s governing body.

Felix Bühler anatomical
The curved noseband minimises pressure on the facial nerves and prevents jaw locking, while soft padding protects the sensitive structures of the head.
Black or brown
Cob or full

RRP: £79.90

Kate Negus elastic grackle
Created for horses who need the action of a grackle but without the fixed nature of leather, it features an elastic noseband that’s reinforced with sheepskin padding to eliminate pinching.
Black or chestnut
Cob – extra-full with customisable sizing

RRP: £155

Rambo Micklem Deluxe competition
A show-quality version of the design, featuring soft padding and an adjustable noseband that reduces pressure through the nose and mouth, while keeping the bit stable.
Black or brown
Pony – large horse

RRP: £234.95

PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution
The adjustable bow noseband system allows a precise fit, and the shaped cheekpieces prevent pressure on facial nerves and the upper jaw. A removable cradle system helps keep the bit in place.
Black or brown
Pony – extra-full

RRP: £253.75

Rhinegold anatomical grackle
A classic grackle with updates, including a shaped headpiece and a wave-style browband that follows the contours of your horse’s face.
Black or havana
Pony – extra-full

RRP: £80.50

Stübben Freedom
Innovative curved cheekpieces avoid the main facial nerves and widen your horse’s field of vision, while the combined browband and headpiece work to combat pressure.
Ebony or tobacco
Pony – full

RRP: £300

Voltaire Design flash
Features a wide, ergonomic headpiece designed to reduce pressure and increase freedom of movement through the poll and the base of the ears.

RRP: £350

Albion KB competition
The patented design features a padded, cutaway headpiece to disperse pressure and an oversized browband.
Black or brown
Cob – warmblood, but fully customisable

RRP: £213

Fairfax Performance grackle
Based on scientific research, it’s designed to reduce pressure in six key areas of your horse’s head and improve performance. Its Prolite lining also helps disperse pressure.
Custom sizing

RRP: £400

IR Bridles custom
Made using a pressure-relieving specialist foam covered in soft leather, it features a curved, padded headpiece and is handmade to your specification.
Custom sizes and colours

RRP: £400

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