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10 household items that always end up at the yard

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1. That beach towel you used to love

A spare towel at the yard is essential during the wet months and is sure to find it’s way back into the washing pile next to your clothes at some point.

2. A kitchen knife

Everyone you live with is tired of never being able to find the knife, so tired.

3. Dish brush

At the end of the day, clean hooves are much more important than clean plates, no?

4. Scissors

Why are there never any scissors in the kitchen drawers? Oh yes, you took them to cut your horses tail again!

5. Duck tape

A vital part of the equine first aid kit. Making a duck tape poultice boot is one of those skills that will never go a miss.

6. Carrots

Thought you had enough carrots left for dinner? Think again!

7. Cotton wool

Never there when you need it at home, but when your horse comes in from the field with a scrape, never fear, cotton wool to the rescue!

8. Kettle

A yard essential – and let’s face it, you probably spend more time at the yard than at home anyway?!

9. Sudocrem

Having horses could be compared to having a child, so making sure that a pot of Sudocrem is handy for any cuts and scrapes is a must.

10. Mugs

Everyone knows that measuring your horses feed with a mug is a much more popular method than a feed scoop, surely?!

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