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7 signs you were a horse mad child

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  • You owned loads of horsey books

Black Beauty, The Jinny series and The Saddle Club are just a few that you couldn’t take your nose out of. They were the perfect fix between cuddles with your fave pony at the yard.

  • Rosettes in your room

Hung from the wall in the artiest way possible of course!

  • Posters

Everyone else your age had posters of pop groups on their wall but not you, it was the cute foal posters from PONY mag.

  • Bought horsey magazines monthly

The real life pony drama section kept you hooked every month, one day you and your favourite pony would be featured in there.

  • Your Christmas list

You didn’t flick through the toy catalogue to write your Christmas list, you knew what you wanted and it usually involved wellies, jodhpurs and a pony!

  • You were always covered in mud

In fact a trail of mud and straw would always be at the back door, a clear sign to your parents that you were home!

  • Endless model ponies

Losing your horse’s little plastic bridle was a nightmare, never mind, your plastic rider will go showjumping tackless today!

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