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Have you ever wondered what your horse would say if he could speak to you in words? Clients of Rachael Beesley, Equine Intuitive and Coach, testify to her uncanny ability to connect remotely with horses – as well as other animals – through their photographs, passing on messages that wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

“What he had told her was absolutely spot on. Now armed with that knowledge, and understanding … I’ve adapted our schooling sessions and, hey presto, our issues are disappearing fast! Rachael is definitely part of my ‘team’ now, as important as finding a supportive instructor or talented body worker”

Catherine Strickland, Gloucestershire

Rachael says, “I first realised I had this fascinating gift a few years ago, and ever since I’ve been using it to help horses and their owners to deepen their connection and improve their relationship”. Rachael’s clients feel that what sets her apart from others is that she brings a coaching element to the reading, which adds another layer of value to the conversation.

“Her reading was the turning point for Tiffin and our relationship. It brought us closer together and led us to where we are today. I remember coming off the phone with clarity about what we needed to move forward. It was reassuring as well as thought-provoking. Rachael was able to hone in on the heart of our relationship and our cross-road… This insight made the world of difference to me. I trust Rachael to be Tiffin’s “voice” in those moments when I need further insight into what’s going on for us both and recommend her without hesitation

Jude Jennison, Warwick  

The same is remarkably true of horses that have passed, as Rachael is able to connect with them, too, allowing for re-connection and the opportunity to exchange messages that were never said, bringing comfort and relief to those who in many cases admit to booking a reading despite a fair degree of scepticism.

“Rachael effortlessly captured the essence of Breeze’s character, so I felt sure she had connected with this horse. Her reading provided me with the comfort that this dear soul is at peace. In addition, she conveyed messages that crystallised aspects of brand and direction in my work that I’ve been pondering for some time. The reading left me with a deep sense of wholeness and some lovely suggestions to take forward. Quite remarkable.”

Wendy Prior, Dubai

Rachael is sought out for her remote reading and coaching calls across the UK, as well as overseas. In her own words, “Witnessing the change I see in both horse and owner as a result of our connection is immensely fulfilling and I want to help as many people as possible using this gift.” To find out more and to book visit www.equisentientcoaching.com

Rachael has recently launched the Equisentient coaching cards, a 44-card deck and guidebook that feature the messages she’s recounted from wild American horses and allow you to tap into their wisdom and healing knowledge.

“They’re beautiful and thought-provoking. It’s a lovely way to help people tune into their inner world and what’s important to them. I highly recommend them”

Lisa Saunders, Guildford

Available to order via equisentientcoaching.com/coaching-cards

If you have any concerns about your horse, Horse&Rider recommends that you consult your vet prior to seeking complimentary therapies.

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