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Great horse management is never a one-woman job. We all need a little help keeping our horses happy, healthy and in tip-top condition. From farriers and physiotherapists to dentists and saddlers, there are so many unsung heroes who make up the team required to keep your horse feeling his best.

We’ve all used them, but where do we find the perfect professional? There are all sorts of places you could get a contact from, including…

  • recommendations from a friend or family member
  • governing bodies and registers’ websites
  • online forums or social media
  • search engines
  • advice from your instructor or another professional

Wherever you found the team that takes care of your horse, it’s important to ensure they’re properly qualified and insured to practise. However, it’s not always easy to find this information without visiting a whole host of various registers and websites. A new, proactive website has been formed to link horse owners to the professionals they need. Find an Equine Pro has been made by horse owners to help you find highly qualified and trusted professionals, quickly, easily and for free.

Find an Equine Pro requests that all professionals who list their businesses on the site to send identification details as well as their qualifications and experience. This helps ensure you receive a level of service and professionalism fit for your horse’s needs.

How does it work?

Whichever professional you need for your horse, yard or land, it’s easy to post your job requirements on the website. You’ll then be sent the best suited, most highly qualified and user-rated professional available. Up to six will receive your job details, so you’re sure to also receive the most competitive quotes.

Run an equine business?

If you’re keen to expand your horsey business with a brand-new client base, why not try posting your details on Find an Equine Pro? You’ll soon receive jobs from potential clients based on your skills and suitability. Then, you can get in touch and offer a quote.

Whether you run a business or have a job you need doing, Find an Equine Pro is the perfect place to find exactly what you need.

For more information, visit findanequinepro.com

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