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Easy eating

Posted 28th September 2023

Good nutrition is just as important for us as it is for our horses, as Emily Morey explains


As horse owners, many of us won’t hesitate to feed our horses with top-end feeds or supplements to keep them in the right condition, but all too often we don’t put as much thought into what we eat ourselves.

Owning horses takes a great deal of energy, especially if we consider mucking out, poo-picking and all the other jobs we do before we even start riding. So, as riders, it’s important to consider what we eat, as eating properly will help with our riding fitness, performance and recovery, as well as reducing the risk of us developing certain diseases. Good nutrition is just as important for us as it is for our horses.

Good habits

These days, on social media and at competitions, we increasingly see a focus on the rider’s weight and the impact this has on the health of the horse. These kinds of messages can place pressure on us and even lead to some riders resorting to extreme diets in an attempt to lose weight.

The good news is that it’s really not necessary to crash diet. All that’s required is a sensible approach to healthy eating that fits around your current lifestyle. There’s usually no need for expensive diet products because the key to success is building simple, consistent habits that contribute towards a healthy lifestyle. Start by trying to build one good habit that you can stick to every day, then increasing it to two or three. Over time, maintaining these habits will help you reach your goals or milestones, whether that’s feeling better in yourself, seeing your weight reduce or having more energy.


For times when it isn’t possible to eat much, such as on a long hack, focus on a pre-hack meal with protein and complex carbs, and take snacks with you for the ride. Dried fruit and nuts, trail mix, flapjacks, malt loaf or fruit-and-nut bars are good options and easy to carry.

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