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Tendon care is vital for horses of all ages and a specially formulated supplement can offer extra support

It’s common knowledge that wear and tear from age or exercise can take a toll on a horse’s tendons, and there can even be visible signs of this happening in the form of heat and swelling. In fact, studies have shown that ageing and/or exercise can commonly result in a progressive degeneration of the quality of the fibres that make up the tendons and this can clearly lead to a reduction in performance, or worse. 

Often, when there’s heat or swelling in the tendons, there’s no obvious lameness in the horse but if these signs appear too frequently and are not treated, the risk of tendinitis is increased. This is a condition that is painful with a long healing process, and, given that 80% of horses relapse, the outcome of any treatment is uncertain. 

Strong and stable

The scientific team at Audevard has developed a formulation, Ekyflex Tendon EVO, that is specifically dedicated to the needs of tendons and ligaments. It contains a combination of scientifically validated ingredients to provide triple-action support for tendons aimed at strengthening the collagen fibres within them. 

This unique formula uses cutting-edge ingredients that have been scientifically shown to enhance tendon health. These include Tendogen I (a mix of amino acids and white willow), which supports the creation of the good-quality collagen that’s crucial for tendon strength, Boswellia serrata (known as Indian frankincense) and citrus, both of which are powerful antioxidants that optimise the tendon environment to ensure optimal healing and resilience, and Vitamin D3, which helps strengthen the attachment of the tendons and ligaments to the bone, providing added stability and support. 

Ekyflex Tendon EVO is recommended for horses with early signs of tendon weakness, which may include heat, swelling and windgalls, or those with a previous history of tendinitis. It’s also highly recommended for horses in training and is ideal for use after a vet diagnosis of tendon injury.


Safely effective

In addition, as heat can adversely affect the properties of certain ingredients, especially vitamins, the fact that Ekyflex Tendon Evo has a cold-pelleted formulation means that the integrity and effectiveness of all its components are maintained. 

Ekyflex Tendon Evo contains no ingredients that are on the banned substances list so can be used before, during and after competition.


Audevard Ekyflex Tendon Evo is available from vets and selected retailers. Click here for more information. 

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