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Seven things cob owners know to be true

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We’re all cob converts at Team H&R – cheek, charisma and a can-do attitude makes them the perfect addition to anyone’s herd. If you’re as cob-sessed as we are, you’ll know why they’re so lovable. Here’s what we think makes them so irresistible.


  1. Serving looks Forget the short, wispy mane of a Thoroughbred or the long locks of a Friesian – your cob can pull off a variety of styles flawlessly. Whether you want to go for the pulled eventer’s mane, the smart hunter style of a hog and clipped feathers or go all out with the full-on traditional look, you have options for days. All that’s left now is to pick his look. Hogging is super-smart and easy to maintain, but surely a fairytale flowing mane is worth all the washing and plaiting? Decisions, decisions…
  2. Fed on fresh air Who needs sugar beet and conditioning feeds? Your cob is perfectly happy with a handful of chaff and a nutrient-balancing supplement. You’ll be forever grateful to your cob for keeping those pesky feed bills down but watch out – you can have too much of a good thing when the spring grass comes through and could find there’s more of your cob to love after a couple weeks. Let’s hope he’ll keep a grazing muzzle on this time…
  3. Birthday suit When your yard pals’ horses are bundled up in layers, your cob struts out into the field wearing only what his mother gave him. Cheap to rug, check! It’s a shame they’re such mud magnets, though.
  4. Step in time Other riders might find themselves breathing a sigh of relief when they see they’re up against you and your cob in a dressage test, but they don’t know that he’s brought his best dancing shoes to the party. A cob’s natural rhythm should never be underestimated, and you could find your cob’s metronomic paces earn you higher marks than the fancy warmblood that’s turned up with all the gear. Plus, there’s no shortage of cobs at Medium level and above these days – they’re really holding their own!
  5. Tough as old boots Where a misplaced stone on hack might have a slighter horse hopping all the way home and earn him a week of box rest, it’s water off a duck’s back to your cob. With titanium feet, thick skin and more stay power than a Duracell bunny, there’s not much that gets in the way of your cob and his job. Just watch out for midges – cobs are fly favourites and often fall victim to the dreaded sweet itch. Find out how to stay ahead of the game here.
  6. I moustache you a question Love it or loathe it, cobs come with a whole lot of facial hair. If you’re extra lucky, your cob might even be able to grow a dapper moustache – the perfect party trick.
  7. Jack of all trades Hacking, jumping, dressage, endurance… there’s nothing your cob can’t do. One of the most versatile types of them all, your cob won’t mind if he’s in work six days a week or if you hop on him for a stroll after a fortnight off – he’s happy to do the job. Just be prepared for opportunistic snacking and industrial-scale sweat production.


Have we hit the nail on the head, or does your cob break the mould? Let us know in the comments!

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One thought on “Seven things cob owners know to be true”

Samantha Botham says:

I love my cob and we are learning western, I ride in western tack having a beautiful saddle. We are currently learning to neck rein and body control. He is a total Pro and picks things up quicker than I do.

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