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Lo Cal Balancer and Light Chaff - HELP! more...>

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Horse talk video

Whittle away a lunchbreak with Horse Talk. Find out how a bag of horse feed is made or watch a retro video.

Horseboarding UK Give it a go!

The new extreme Horseboarding sport is taking the UK by storm, take a look at what happened when Horse&Rider went to have go!

28/05/14 15:09 Horse&Rider... more
Safety changes

How Eventing Cross Country fences are being made safer

A new video has been released by World Horse Welfare and British Eventing explaining some of the work that British Eventing has been doing to continue to make the sport safer...

24/06/13  11:30The UK's... more

Jonny Depp falls off a horse on the set of The Lone Ranger

A high-speed fall whilst on the set of The Lone Ranger turns up on YouTube.

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All the latest from Horse&Country TV updated regularly on this page

Check out the latest video from H&C TV.

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Matt Armitage, completes Badminton as free-runner

Watch the video of Matt running the course as a free-runner at Badminton 2013.

This incredible man ran the... more
The new Totilas freestyle

Totilas Freestyle Tribute

A new take on the original Totilas freestyle...

When you don't have a horse... more

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Tallylyn Olga Welsh C Filly

Tallylyn Olga. Welsh Section C more...

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