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From riding and training tips, to veterinary and confidence advice, our expert advice section has everything you need to make the most out of your time with your horse.

Transform your flatwork with Carl Hester

Carl Hester shows you how to step up your horse’s training and add sparkle in the ring Read Article

Jumping success – easy ways to get a clear round

Struggling to ride a consistent clear round with your horse? Showjumper Daniel Moseley helps to get you on the straight and narrow Read Article

Solve your jumping problems with our easy grids!

Grids are great for practising the variety of skills you need to navigate a course successfully, but they don’t need to be boring. Read Article

Laminitis – everything you need to know

The word laminitis strikes fear into any horse owner who’s experienced it, but did you realise your horse could be as at risk as any other? Danica Pollard from the Animal Health Trust explains why and what you can do to prevent it Read Article

How to spot lameness

Would you know if your horse was lame? It’s not always as obvious as noticing a limp, as vet Annamaria Nagy from the Animal Health Trust explains how to spot lameness Read Article

Inside your horse’s stifle

How much do you know about the largest joint in your horse’s body? Vet Annamaria Nagy, from the Animal Health Trust, takes a close look at the stifle Read Article

Keep your horse safe this summer

The Animal Health Trust explain how you can keep your horse safe this summer... Read Article

Summer hoof care

As the temperatures rise and the ground gets harder, your horse’s hooves can change, too. H&R helps you keep them in great shape for all your summer plans with our hoof care tips Read Article

How to manage arthritis in your horse

It strikes fear into the hearts of horse owners, but does arthritis have to be career-ending and what options do you have if your horse is diagnosed? Read Article

How to manage and prevent stable vices

A horse with a stable vice can be frustrating and even upsetting, but what can you do to manage, reduce and prevent them? Read Article

How to prevent and manage stable vices

A horse with stable vices can be frustrating and even upsetting, but what can you do to manage, reduce and prevent them? Read Article

Make your horse’s day

Could your horse be happier? Whether he behaves like life’s offering him a raw deal or he seems blissfully content with his lot, there’s plenty you can do to help improve his quality of life and boost his happiness Read Article

Our tips for buying and selling horses online

There are various ways to buy and sell horses online, however, making your advert appeal to the right buyer, and avoiding scammers, can be tricky. Follow the Horse&Rider guide, to ensure you avoid the pitfalls. Read Article

A simple guide to buying your first horse or pony

We have narrowed down the best information to provide you with a concise, basic buying guide – to ensure that you are getting the most out of your new horse! Read Article

Confused by insurance?

Insurance needs to be tailored to your specific needs. Find out what cover you might need from Carriagehouse Insurance's Fiona Gordon-Clarke Read Article

Make sense of insurance excess

The excess you choose depends on your budget and why you are buying insurance, says Guy Prest of KBIS British Equestrian Insurance Read Article

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