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From riding and training tips, to veterinary and confidence advice, our expert advice section has everything you need to make the most out of your time with your horse.

How to introduce lateral movements

Lateral movements not only look impressive, they have numerous benefits for your horse, too. Dressage rider Gareth Hughes explains a simple way to introduce them Read Article

Improve your horse’s suppleness

There are many reasons why your horse might lack suppleness and it can really affect how he feels to ride. Dressage rider Gareth Hughes explains how to get your horse bending beautifully Read Article

Build jumping confidence with Jock Paget

Whether your horse is young or could benefit from going back to basics, Jock Paget explains how gridwork can be used to create balance and straightness Read Article

How to put a stop to strangles

Strangles is the disease every horse owner dreads. Vet Roly Owers from World Horse Welfare explains what it is and how you can prevent it spreading Read Article

An introduction to Ringbone

Ringbone is a common condition that can’t be cured, but with careful management it can be kept at bay. Vet David Rutherford, from Fellowes Farm Equine Clinic, explains Read Article

Your horse’s blood

Have you ever thought about the make-up your horse's blood and the important roles that it plays? Read Article

Strip grazing explained

Warmer weather means rapid grass growth, so it may be time to rethink how much your horse has access to. Rachel Dyke explains the benefits of strip grazing and how to implement it Read Article

Preventing field injuries

Balancing your horse’s needs as a grazing, social animal and your desire to wrap him up in cotton wool are one of the biggest challenges as a horse owner – here’s how experts try to get the balance right Read Article

Spook busting

Whether your horse is spooky or you simply want to build his confidence in new situations, spook busting training can really help. Anna Saillet shows you how Read Article

Make your horse easy to handle with Warwick Schiller

Your horse’s extremities – his legs, ears and nose – are very sensitive. Warwick Schiller explains how to handle them safely Read Article

Space invader

Does your horse walk all over you? Get him to take a step back and pay attention with advice from Warwick Schiller Read Article

Our tips for buying and selling horses online

There are various ways to buy and sell horses online, however, making your advert appeal to the right buyer, and avoiding scammers, can be tricky. Follow the Horse&Rider guide, to ensure you avoid the pitfalls. Read Article

A simple guide to buying your first horse or pony

We have narrowed down the best information to provide you with a concise, basic buying guide – to ensure that you are getting the most out of your new horse! Read Article

Confused by insurance?

Insurance needs to be tailored to your specific needs. Find out what cover you might need from Carriagehouse Insurance's Fiona Gordon-Clarke Read Article

Make sense of insurance excess

The excess you choose depends on your budget and why you are buying insurance, says Guy Prest of KBIS British Equestrian Insurance Read Article

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