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From riding and training tips, to veterinary and confidence advice, our expert advice section has everything you need to make the most out of your time with your horse.

Perfect polework with Pippa Funnell

Using poles to conquer rhythm and straightness will set you up for a successful jump every time. Pippa Funnell explains how Read Article

Cross-country made simple with Harry Meade

Cross-country nerves can make even the coolest rider lose their focus. Eventer Harry Meade shares his straightforward philosophy for success Read Article

Hacking hang-ups

A hack may seem like the ideal way to spend time with your horse, but confidence issues can soon put a stop to that. H&R has some simple solutions to help you enjoy hacking again Read Article

Getting the nod

Headshaking in horses can be so violent that it prevents them from being ridden and can cause great distress. Vet Sue Dyson from the Animal Health Trust explains more about this strange condition Read Article

Spotting lameness

Petplan Equine's 'Spotting Lameness' campaign aims to help all horse owners and riders learn more about the symptoms, treatment and related issues of lameness. The supporting material available include an educational video, a poster to display in yards and tack rooms and first-hand advice from Petplan Equine vet Gil Riley. Read Article

Should I remove my horses Wolf teeth?

Q: Should I get my youngster's wolf teeth removed? I've been told that they could cause her all sorts of bitting problems if I don't. What do you suggest? Read Article

Saddle up

Choosing a saddle is a big decision, and knowing when it might not be fitting and performing at its best is important, too. Master Saddler, Roger Coates, explains more Read Article

Worming myths busted

Managing your horse’s worm burden is important for his health and that of your grazing, but with so much information out there, it’s hard to know where to begin. H&R has asked industry experts to help sort the facts from the fiction Read Article

Travelling overweight?

How heavy is the tack and equipment you travel with? Find out if you're putting your horse at risk Read Article

Meeting Monty

Monty Roberts, famously known as the man who listens to horses, talks to Georgia Guerin about his life and where it all started Read Article

I tense up when riding as I know my gelding is likely to bolt, what can I do to help this?

Q: My new horse is quite excitable and only seems to know one speed – fast! I find it hard to hold him and stop him from bolting, and this is causing me to tense up. And when I do, he goes faster! What can I do to help me relax? Read Article

Nap happy: Part two

Napping can be scary, dangerous and frustrating. Michael Peace shows you how to deal with a nappy horse fairly and safely Read Article

Pass the buck

So the time has come for you to sell your horse, but what are the alternatives to doing it yourself? Read Article

Buying a horse? Follow our top 10 tips!

The must-have guide to buying a new mount - don't head to the horses-for-sale pages without it! Read Article

Advertising your horse

There are a multitude of reasons for selling your horse. Effective advertising can take some of the stress out of the process and ensure the right home is found. Read Article

Can I claim for loss of horse?

Q: I bought my horse a year ago with a clean bill of health after the vetting. He has now gone lame and it looks as if I won’t be able to ride him again. Read Article

Buying horse insurance

A maze of jargon surrounds most insurance policies, but what level of protection do you really need? H&R’s Lisa Harris investigates... Read Article

Confused by insurance?

Insurance needs to be tailored to your specific needs. Find out what cover you might need from Carriagehouse Insurance's Fiona Gordon-Clarke Read Article

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