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December 2023 Issue

The December issue of Horse&Rider is out now!

With British Summer Time an increasingly distant memory, in this issue we look at ways to help you ride out the less-fun months of horse ownership. Knowledge is power, and our winter special has loads of empowering ideas to save you time and help keep your horse and your paddocks looking as good as possible this winter. Turn to p103 to get started.

And if all that winter positivity isn’t enough, why not look ahead to the very best part of December? Of course, we mean London International Horse Show. Head to p8 to find out what to expect at this year’s show and for our list of highlight classes not to miss!

This issue, we start a new series aimed at supporting anyone caring for horses in their senior years. Whatever you do with your veteran, finding ways to mix up your routine and help him feel good can be tricky – Fizz Tickridge-Marshall, though, is here to help. Turn to p96 to start with her groundwork ideas that, as the team have found, are great for any horse.

There’s no shying away from it. Horses cost a lot, both in hours and money, so whether you’re looking to lighten the load financially or free up some time for yourself, a sharer could be just the answer. This month, we discuss how to find the right person for you and your horse, so you can be sure he’s getting all the care and attention he needs.

Spending a day with equine vet and event rider Jess Campbell reminded staff writer Nicky how much attention to detail top riders pay to their horses’ welfare. Nothing is missed when it comes to keeping these equine athletes sound and in tip-top condition. But being the best isn’t simply about a horse’s physical wellbeing – it’s important to keep horses mentally happy, too, as Jess demonstrated on our photoshoot. Jess’s ideas have inspired us to do more, so whatever you do with your horse, we hope her training philosophy will encourage you to try out something new, too.

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