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Caring for a veteran is a privilege – and a huge responsibility. In our line of work, we meet all sorts of horses of every age, but it’s always a pleasure to chat to an owner – whether they’re a happy hack or Olympian – about the horses with whom they have had years, sometimes decades-long relationships with. Whether your golden oldie is still enjoying an active ridden career, or is slowing down, keeping a closer eye on general health is a really important way to assess how your horse is feeling – Fizz Tickridge-Marshall shares some simple adjustments to make to your normal routine on p110.

If you’re ready for some warmer weather and longer days (that’s all of us, then), enjoy some escapism and join Editorial Assistant Megan as she explores the options for a horsey summer holiday in 2024, on p118. No matter your style, there’s something for everyone.

Behind the scenes in the equine industry, so much work – in the form of scientific studies and research – is being done to improve the welfare of our beloved four-legged friends. While the health of horses is of utmost importance, research is also being carried out to make our lives as horse owners safer and easier. But unless you stumble across a news piece online or already know where to go, getting access to this information can be difficult and time-consuming. Here at H&R we want to help keep you up to date on the goings-on in the horsey world. From product technology to treatments of diseases, each issue we’ll be bringing you snippets of some of the most recent research so you can understand how science could be improving the life of you and your horse. Turn to p17 to discover more.

Whatever skills you’re working on with your horse over the winter period, our experts have a whole range of ideas for you to try. Ferdi Eilberg walks us through the five fundamentals of dressage, Heidi Woodhead helps you produce clear rounds, Tom Blazey-Standing is on hand to improve your horse’s contact and Yazmin Pinchen-McCulloch shares her favourite athletic exercise – you won’t be short on inspiration with this issue of Horse&Rider.

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