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The July issue of Horse&Rider is out now!

In part two of his series, Jay Halim helps you jump clear with his two favourite exercises that will ensure you see the perfect stride every time. Are there certain elements of a cross-country course that always catch you out? Olympic eventer Vittoria Panizzon shares her problem-solving tips to increase your horse’s confidence. Plus, ride top transitions with our seven secrets and understand common dressage terms with our handy A–Z.

Getting to know your horse and working on your relationship is all part of keeping him happy, but there are so many other things you can do that will make him feel contented. Check out our simple ideas to see for yourself. If you’re thinking of stepping up a level with your horse but nerves are getting in the way, take a look at Alison Buttery’s advice that will help you achieve your dreams.

Mares can be tricky to manage but understanding the oestrus cycle and learning how to help them from the inside can enhance your relationship – vet Jane King explains all. Also, discover common equine allergies and how to deal with them, and learn about the benefits of track systems. Keep your horse in top condition this summer with our hoof care and slimming tips, as well as essential kit that will help you beat the heat.

We tested a huge range of shampoos to suit different types of coats so your horse will be shining all year round – whether he has a light or dark coat, or sensitive skin, check out the products that came out on top. Get ready for show day with our selection of competition essentials, and you’ll also find out what it’s like to be a farrier and TikTok star as we walk a week in the life of Sam Dracott.

All this and so much more in July Horse&Rider – grab your copy today!

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July 2023

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Conquer cross country

Running into trouble on the cross-country course? Olympic eventer Vittoria…Read On

Moving on up

If you’re worried about stepping up to the next level…Read On

Allergy alert

Allergies can make your horse’s life pretty miserable, but vet…Read On

Jump clear with Jay Halim

Optimise your riding skills and learn to see a stride…Read On

Stay on track

Track systems have gained popularity as an alternative to traditional…Read On

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