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The Spring issue of Horse&Rider is out now!

We’re on the countdown to the clocks changing here in the Horse&Rider office, and we’re sure you are, too. Whether you’ve had a productive horsey winter or have focused on simply getting through it (and you have – so, well done!), the competition season is around the corner and better weather is on its way.

There’s still time to polish your skills, and your horse’s, ready to achieve whatever your 2024 goals are. From a lateral work masterclass with dressage expert Dan Greenwood (p52) to simple ways to improve your fitness at the yard with equine personal trainer Jo Collins (p66), as well as ways to ensure your horse is looking his best when summer arrives (p104), we’ve got something for everyone.

When the topic of a training shoot with Piggy March came up in the office early last year, Assistant Editor Sarah hoped she’d be the one lucky enough to attend. And her dream came true – Piggy is such an icon, not only in the eventing world, but in the equine industry as a whole. Unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite get the memo, but despite the low cloud, the views from Piggy’s Northamptonshire yard were still breathtaking and we felt so inspired by her gentle, yet proactive, way with the horses. Watching her training at home was incredibly special and Sarah talked with Piggy (at great length!) over a cup of tea in the tack room, the topic being how to set yourself and your horse up for eventing success. Turn to p20 to read the first part of her series – you’ll feel as inspired as we do!

All this and so much more in the Spring issue of Horse&Rider – on sale now!

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Eventing success piggy march
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Release the pressure

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