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August 2016 Issue

Boost your confidence whilst hacking and win a years sponsorship from Blue Chip horse feeds.

Perfect your jumping and flatwork position with expert advice and learn all about the inside of your horses leg, all in August Horse&Rider!

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August 2016

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Inside your horses leg
Inside your horse’s leg

Have you ever wondered how such spindly, delicate-looking legs are…Read On

Strip Grazing Explained
Strip grazing explained

Warmer weather means rapid grass growth, so it may be…Read On

Stable Dust
Dust bust your stable

Dust can affect your horse’s comfort, performance, and happiness –…Read On

Perfect your position
Perfect your position

Have you got into some bad habits over the years?…Read On

Hacking confidence
Hacking problems – solved

Whether you hack for fun or out of necessity, if…Read On

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