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February 2018 Issue

February Horse&Rider is here and it's a packed issue.

Give your flatwork a boost with Alice Oppenheimer’s five fantastic exercises, and say goodbye to mud fever with our top advice. Plus, Tim Stockdale gives you his jump-off top tips, and we give you nine ways to nurture your confidence. Also don’t miss our horsey bucket list, and your chance to win a Harry Dabbs saddle! Get your copy now.

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February 2018

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steps to better flatwork
Steps to better flatwork

Set yourself up for flatwork success with easy-to-follow exercises from…Read On

Say goodbye to mud fever
Say goodbye to mud fever

Mud fever is the bane of winter for many horses…Read On

Tackling tendon injuries

Tendon injuries can be tricky to heal, but with early…Read On

Yard politics
Yard politics

Your yard is supposed to be an enjoyable place, but…Read On

Nurture your confidence
Nurture your confidence

Human Performance Coach, John Haime, explains how to control your…Read On

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