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February 2019 Issue

February Horse&Rider is out now! It's full of riding exercises, expert advice and great prizes, just for you.

Inside you’ll find expert advice from Gareth Hughes on his simple training strategy, Emily King shows you how to get the most out of one jumping grid and we take a look at targeted worming plans. Plus, there are more great groundwork exercises to practise from Rebecca Howard, Nick Gauntlett shows you how to tackle ditches and we take your tricky insurance questions to industry experts.

Don’t miss out on the chance to win lessons with Spencer Wilson – get your copy of February Horse&Rider, today!

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February 2019

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What's in this issue?

Groundwork with your horse to allow him to get used to objects
Improve your groundwork

You’ve established the basics of a respectful and responsive horse,…Read On

Identifying worms in horses and how to manage them
Targeted worming plan

Parasitic worms can wreak havoc inside your horse’s body if…Read On

Horse rider and cyclist densensitising horse to the bike
Bike-proof your horse

Spooked by cyclists? Build your horse’s confidence and enjoy hacking…Read On

Gareth Hughes schooling lateral work
Gareth Hughes’ six steps to schooling success

Is planning an effective schooling session sometimes a bit of…Read On

Emily King jumping grids
One grid to solve all your jumping problems

Devoting more time to building grids than riding through them?…Read On

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