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July 2019 Issue

July Horse&Rider is out now! It's full of riding exercises, wellbeing advice and great prizes, just for you.

In this special wellbeing issue you’ll find useful information on gastric ulcers, great stretches for you to try with your horse and top advice on monitoring your horse’s weight and shedding those extra pounds. Ingrid Klimke shares how to use cavaletti to improve your horse’s flatwork, teach your horse to jump angled fences with Emily King and Ben Hobday helps you plan a balanced warm-up.

Also, we bring you the results from the detangler sprays we tested and help you set your horse up for soundness.

Have you ever wanted to give BD a go but worried about the cost? We’ve partnered with British Dressage and Petplan Equine to bring you a free class ticket. Plus, don’t forget to enter our fabulous competitions – get your copy of July Horse&Rider today!

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July 2019

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Rider cantering over cavaletti under teh instruction of Ingrid Klimke
Step up with cavaletti

Ingrid Klimke explains how improving your transitions and adding cavaletti…Read On

A connected horse
Achieve the perfect connection

If your horse is lacking sensitivity, it can feel as…Read On

Jumping angled fences

Angles are a tricky part of most cross-country courses, but…Read On

A horse being prepped to be scoped for gastric ulcers
Gastric ulcers

Understanding of gastric ulcers has improved hugely in recent years,…Read On

Stretched for your horse

Incorporate these stretches into your horse’s regular routine to help…Read On

Helping your horse lose weight
Weight loss diets

Does your horse need to lose weight? Dengie nutritionist Tracey…Read On

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