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May 2019 Issue

May Horse&Rider is out now! It's full of summer inspiration, riding exercises, expert advice and great prizes, just for you.

Inside you’ll find great jumping exercises from Ros Canter using five fences or fewer, Harry Meade shows you how to get the perfect line to every fence and Spencer Wilton has some top exercises to help you get your horse off his forehand. If you’re just going round in circles in your schooling sessions, H&R injects some fun with different shapes.

Also, find out what lumps on your horse’s legs mean and whether you need to worry, plus we put together the ultimate maintenance plan for your horse so you can make sure he’s in the best nick. Get ready for summer with our fly prevention essentials, 11 top ideas for the ultimate horsey summer and follow our goal setting tips to help achieve your aspirations.

Plus, don’t miss out on the chance to win tickets to Bolesworth International Horse Show – get your copy of May Horse&Rider, today!

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May 2019

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Harry Meade jumping straight
Get the perfect line to every fence

Riding the perfect round requires an awareness of the optimum…Read On

Bandaging horse's legs
Lumps on legs

When should a lump give you cause for concern, and…Read On

Ros Canter jumping
Fine-tune your skills with five jumps or less

Even without a vast range of showjumps, you can still…Read On

Horsey goal setting

No matter your level or ambitions, having a horsey aspiration…Read On

Spencer Wilton riding exercises to help get your horse off the forehand
Get him off the forehand

Does your horse have a tendency to tip onto his…Read On

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