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May 2020 Issue

May Horse&Rider is out now! It's full of great riding exercises, management know-how, expert advice and great prizes, just for you.

Olympian William Fox-Pitt guides you through your best jumping round yet, step-by-step, and Tom Monaghan shares his top gridwork exercises to help you improve your horse’s jump. If you’d like to start boosting your dressage test, look no further than Alex Harrison’s test riding tactics. Cobs are more popular than ever, so we’ve teamed up with a cob specialist to break down some of the myths surrounding them.

Brush up on your veterinary knowledge with our guides to lameness work-ups and grass sickness. And, with so many bits on the market to choose from, we’ve enlisted a panel of bitting experts to break down the five fundamentals you need to consider.

Plus, check out our spring/summer gear guide, which is packed full of this season’s must-haves – get your copy of May Horse&Rider today!

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May 2020

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William Fox-Pitt Jumping
Practical course riding with William Fox-Pitt

Five-time Olympian William Fox-Pitt guides you through your best showjumping…Read On

Horse grazing
What is equine grass sickness?

It may sound like the result of over-indulgence in the…Read On

Dressage rider schooling / riding
Test riding tactics

Sometimes the simplest moves can be the hardest to execute.…Read On

Horse being lead
Caught out

If your horse is reluctant to be caught, what could…Read On

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Added 13th October, 2020

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