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Spring 2019 Issue

Spring Horse&Rider is out now! It's full of riding exercises, expert advice and great prizes, just for you.

Inside you’ll find top advice from Tina Cook on creating a more connected horse, Gemma Tattersall reveals her favourite gymnastic exercise and Anna Haines explains clicker training. Harry Meade shares his cross-country exercises to help encourage your horse to become a problem-solver, there’s expert advice on how to spot lameness and what to do if you detect a problem, as well as top tips to master sitting trot.

Plus, we reveal the best in test long riding boot and there are some great prizes up for grabs including a tack bundle from Amerigo – get your copy  of Spring Horse&Rider with a Shires catalogue, today!

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Spring 2019

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Harry Meade cross-country
Improve your cross-country partnership

A cross-country course tests you and your horse’s ability to…Read On

Spotting lameness in the horse
An owner’s guide to lameness

Are you confident that your horse is 100% sound? Vet…Read On

Tina Cook demonstrating how to get a more connected horse
Get better connected

Is your horse lacking connection in his schooling? Tina Cook…Read On

Clicker training your horse
Clicker training

Does it feel as though what you’re trying to communicate…Read On

In the rider’s hands

As understanding of the horse as a whole improves, learn…Read On

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Stay safe over fences

Added 2nd July, 2020

Happy handling

Added 1st July, 2020

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